Only 39 percent (4 in 10) of the Romanian employees are satisfied about their current professional life, while 41 percent are indifferent, and the rest of 20 percent, majority aged under 25 years, are unsatisfied, according to a study of eJobs, the online recruitment platform.  

However, almost half (49 percent) of the participants of the study consider that they made the right choice regarding their careers, while on the opposite site, one employee in five believes he made a less appropriate choice or not appropriate at all, according to the survey.

The current career was their own choice for 36 percent of the respondents. Other 31 percent say they were influenced by certain circumstances in their professional life, such as the faculty or the first job, while for 15 percent the decision was determined by the studies from a vocational high school.

The main criteria in their career choice were the passion for the activity field (34 percent) and personal skills (32 percent). Almost a quarter of the respondents were motivated by the jobs reliability (24 percent), by professional development opportunities (24 percent), the possibility of having higher incomes than in other fields (23 percent) or the future perspectives (22 percent).

The passion for the field is important especially in the case of young people under 25 years, representing 46 percent of the overall and decreases with age, as the persons aged 46-55 years have a share of 25 percent. For the latter, the jobs reliability is the main motivation in the choice of their career and they are the ones with the highest compatibility (51 percent) between their current career and the field of their studies.

The employees aged between 25-35 years work rather in a field different than their specialization (59 percent), the choice being made in accordance with their skills, opportunities of professional development, possibility of having higher incomes than in other fields, as well as the future perspectives.

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