Marius Goleanu has been with KUBIS for the last seven years, and starting this month, he acts as Head of Innovation. His new mission focuses on creating unique experiences for brand consumers throughout the entire agency portfolio.


„KUBIS has always had that spark for innovation and always tried to add value through combining strategic insights with latest tech trends. I firmly believe that any brand can create powerful connections with its consumers through innovative projects while being open to look at communication problems from new angles and always be aware of the latest trends in digital and interactive tools. My new role with KUBIS is to create and lead this search for new perspectives and angles and look at briefs through new lenses to bring a fresh approach to our creative product. To do that, I will be working closely with my colleagues from the creative department, strategy, social media, and dev,” explains Marius Goleanu, the new Head of Innovation at KUBIS.

„Since the beginning, we have focused on building an organizational culture that promotes innovation in every way. We looked for the newest tech trends and brought them into the communication of our portfolio brands whenever it was relevant to our target audience while having the potential to increase performance. In the past, we have used neuroscience to transform brain waves into visual art in real-time to prove the creative empowerment of the human brain under the transformative influence of music. We launched the first Live Escape Room, 100% online, brought the first brand on Clubhouse, a premiere in Romania, and many other beautiful projects we have poured our creativity and souls into. These are all a manifestation of our creative mindset, always looking for the following brand experience and interaction to meet our clients’ business needs. Marius has all the skills needed, an inherent curiosity, and a self-taught spirit to bring further something that was already such an essential part of KUBIS’ DNA.,” explains Talida Cristea, Chief Operating Office at KUBIS.

KUBIS is an integrated communication agency with a digital soul, fueled by more than 70 creative digital wizards. With an extensive experience in integrated communication, from B2C to B2B, KUBIS has long-lasting partnerships with some of the most important companies on the market: Vodafone, Philip Morris, Unilever, LIDL, PepsiCo, NN Insurance, UniCredit Bank, Philips, Betano, Saeco, Napolact, and NGOs like Save the Children and WWF Romania.

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