Romanians came out to vote for their next president in large numbers on Sunday, with turnout exceeding 50 percent in the country and citizens living abroad setting a historic record – over 650,000 members of the Romanian diaspora took part in the election.

The first exit polls by IRES and CURS/Avangarde showed PSD leader and former PM Viorica Dancila finishing comfortably in second place, with about 22 percent, while USR-PLUS’s Dan Barna is lagging behind with 16 percent. He is expected to get a better the majority of the votes in the diaspora, but if the exit poll numbers hold, it would not be enough for him to overturn the result.

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The first exit polls were made public after voting sections in Romania closed at 9 pm, with results not including the votes cast abroad.

First IRES exit poll (valid for 8 pm)

1.Klaus Iohannis – 38,7%
2. Viorica Dăncilă – 22%
3. Dan Barna – 16,1%
4. Mircea Diaconu – 8,2%
5. Theodor Paleologu – 5,6%
6. Kelemen Hunor – 4,6%
7 . Viorel Cataramă –  0,4
8. Bogdan Stanoevici – 0,3%
9. Cătălin Ivan – 0,2
10. Ramona Ioana Bruynseels
11. John Ion Banu – 0,1%
12. Sebastian Popescu – 0,2%
13. Alexandru Cumpănașu – 1,2%
14. Ninel Peia – 0,3%

First CURS/Avangarde exit poll (valid for 7:30 pm)

  1. Klaus Iohannis 39,0 %
  2.  Viorica Dăncilă 22,5%
  3.  Dan Barna 16,4%
  4.  Mircea Diaconu 7,9%
  5.  Theodor Paleologu 6,1%
  6.  Kelemen Hunor 3,9%
  7.  Viorel Cataramă 0,3%
  8.  Bogdan Stanoevici 0,2%
  9.  Cătălin Ivan 0,2%
  10.  Ramona Ioana Bruynseels 1,9%
  11.  John Ion Banu 0,1%
  12.  Sebastian Popescu 0,1%
  13.  Alexandru Cumpănașu 1,2%
  14.  Ninel Peia 0,2%


One of the biggest takeaways from the first round of presidential elections was the huge turnout abroad: over 650,000 Romanian citizens voted outside the country, most in Italy, the UK and Germany. This was made possible by the 3-day vote and the number of voting sections across the world, which was almost double than in the previous election. The last record in the diaspora had been set in the May 26 European Parliament election: 384,943 people managed to vote abroad that day, amid a huge scandal caused by long lines and bad planning, which left many unable to cast their votes.

Notably, there were almost 1.5 million more votes cast in urban areas than rural areas in Romania; usually, there is a higher share of rural votes in presidential elections.


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