Alro, the aluminium producer, announced this Monday overall investments of over USD 680 million in 20 years of IPO on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), out of which USD 570 million since the private ownership in 2002.

Also, cumulated in the 20 years since its listing on the stock exchange, Alro registered a turnover of USD 10 billion and a net profit of USD 780 million.

In the first six months of this year Alro group registered a net profit of RON 187 million.

„During these 20 years, Alro transformed from a primary aluminium producer, in an integrated company on vertical, aluminium supplier of high quality for aeronautical industry (…) We went through economic crisis through massive investments, through internal research programs and due to our employees, to increase our efficiency, to expand our products portfolio, to enter on exclusive markets. This strategy will continue also on long term, continuing to diversify our portfolio,” said Gheorghe Dobra, general director of Alro SA.

Lucian Anghel, president of the Administration Council of BVB says that Alro is one of the first companies that was listed on the BVB since the first years of BVB activity.

The total production of electronic aluminium was 4 million tonnes and the one of concrete aluminium was 4.5 million tonnes.

„The investments made by the company led to an increase of electronic aluminium production from 163,000 tonnes in 1997 to 207,000 tonnes in 2016,” say the Alro’s  representatives.

Thus, the company increased the aluminium deliveries both on primary aluminium and on processed aluminium.

„Thus the bars production dropped from 105,000 tonnes to 8,000 tonnes, meaning by 12 times. The wires production made of aluminium increased by three times,” said the company.


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