Theodora Golf Club opens this Sunday in Teleac, Alba county following an investment of EUR 15 million. The new resort comprises a golf field and accommodation facilities. The golf field will be opened to players from the next spring.

“We are extremely thrilled to announce the opening of Theodora Golf Club, a project with long term vision, born from the passion from golf, a sport that I practice for over 10 years. The resort aims to become a destination in the Romanian tourism and to grow the touristic potential of the area at national and international level due to its position,” says Ioan Popa, president of Theodora Golf Club.

The resort was built in approximately two years.

The golf field has a surface of 56 hectars and the project aims to ensure the golf development in Romania, a very practiced sport in all the Western countries and with growth opportunities in Romania.

The resorts comprises a complex of 14 mansions with 82 double rooms with booking option from October 15, as well as a restaurant.

The new club gives the possibility of those who are interested in this sport to take lessons in the game techniques, within the driving range areas, both outside and inside, following the opening of a gold academy for children in the near future.

Theodora Golf Club is situated at maximum 10 minutes of driving to Alba Iulia, while the distance to the airport in Cluj and Sibiu is between 1-2 hours.

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