GOLDPLAST opens its new production line for blowing glass as part of a larger investment strategy in the plant of Topoloveni. It incorporates a patented cutting-edge technology designed in Europe.The total investment in this technology amounted to over EUR 3 million, out of which over EUR 1 million was in Topoloveni this year.

” The innovation doubled by continuing the development of skills demanded, as well as investments in new technologies, guarantees us the achievement of the objective we have set ourselves: double the turnover by 2022, ” said Domenico Zaccone, president and CEO GOLDPLAST.

To serve the new technological manufacturing lines, more than 20 workers were employed and were specialized 10 technicians and one engineer for maintenance and technological processes. The new lines will produce about 3 million units in 2018 (from a capacity of 4 million units), both the patented glasses currently in the company’s offer and new models. They will represent about 15 percent of the company’s turnover.

The glass is dedicated to premium wine producers, catering companies and event organizers, as well as major retailers. The products will be marketed worldwide, mainly in Europe.

GOLDPLAST in specialized in tableware, finger food and cocktail products segments. The company recently opened the new product segment DRINK SAFE, including the blowing glass, to meet the emerging needs of safety when it comes to premium events.

The Topoloveni plant produces over 3,000 items in more than 600 million units per year, which the group sells in 39 countries.

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