Out of the 190 staff hired by the Vard Tulcea harbour in the past six months, 73 percent come from outside the EU. The foreign workers were hired in order to make up for the severe shortage of specialised staff. 

According to Agerpres, 140 of the workers come from Vietnam, and the harbour’s subcontractors are preparing to bring to the site Ukrainian workers.

At the end of March, when the harbour had on its payroll 2,790 employees, the management announced it was not managing to recruit specialised staff in Romania, given that it has signed delivery contracts that cover the upcoming four years.

“This week, the site will count 2,980 employees, 140 of which are workers from Vietnam. Our target is to have 3,300 employees,” Ivan Firsa, human resources head at Tulcea harbour said.

“Our subcontractors now have 1,200 employees, but the workforce they provide is not enough, that is why next month they will hire personnel from Ukraine,” Firsa explained.

On Monday Vard Tulcea, the biggest private employer in Tulcea county, launched the first of five ships that will serve the refineries in the Caspian Sea area.

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