„Out of the 45 attack helicopters that Romania intends to acquire will be made on the line from Texas, but the main majority will be made on the line that Bell Helicopters will have at Ghimbav, Brasov,” said the Defense minister, Mihai Fifor.

In August was signed letter of price intention and availability between the Romanian Government and Bell Helicopters. Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially, the approved model would be the attack helicopter AH-1Z Viper.

„We want to make a technology and know-how transfer in Romania, to have industrial cooperation in defense field and mainly, to restart the Romanian defense industry, which was very well positioned and recognized at global level at a certain point,” said Fifor.

Fifor said that Romania is negotiation also with Bell Helicopters to produce the attack helicopters at Ghimbav.

In August the Defense minister, the PM and other Romanian officials, signed a letter of price intention and availability on the attack helicopters acquisition from Bell Helicopters that was to be addressed to the USA Government.

At that moment the officials said that there will be deeper discussions between the Economy Ministry’ representatives and the ones of Bell Helicopters regarding the set up of a mixed company.

The American company and IAR SA (majority stake owned by the Economy Ministry) have in development an agreement memorandum signed in November 2016 through which the two parties agree on a potential collaboration consisting in technical support in case Romania buys the attack helicopter AH-1Z Viper.

AH-1Z Viper is one of the most performative attack helicopters from the USA navy infantry.

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