Scarcity of investments is the great pain of Romania and although all the authorities want to make a fund to invest, I believe that all things go in that direction, said Adrian Vasilescu, strategy consultant at the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

“Any institution that has in the activity program ans as objective of the activity, the investment, I believe it’s welcomed in this country.  I am convinced that Romania currently, to go forward and make a durable development model to correspond to the needs of these countries needs three things: smart laws, strong and efficient institutions and performative teams,” said Vasilescu during an event organized by Forbes magazine.

In this context, Vasilescu expressed his regret that in Romania there isn’t any of these essential things for a durable development.

„There are many things that we could do for the Sovereign Fund of Investments of Romania, such as a fund to invest,” said Vasilescu.

„Such kind of fund, from my point of view, needs to do two important things: to bring the money back and place it to multiply and then gathers it back so that the Investment Fund multiply it invest it in important things for this country, which needs investments. I think this is the objective,” said the strategy consultant of BNR.

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