Jidvei, the largest wine producer in Romania, has launched an online shop for its exclusive wine ranges Owner’s Choice and Mysterium, which were previously available only in speciality shops and in restaurants.  

“The wine sector was slower in adopting e-commerce, but there has been a significant growth – according to studies global online trade represents 4 percent of total sales. Given that we only sell wines from our exclusive range, we cannot talk about the share it occupies in the business, but if we take into account the sales on those ranges, we are expecting online business to have a 5-6 percent share, and to grow subsequently by 10-15 percent,” deputy general director Maria Necsulescu Jidvei said.

„For many consumers, e-shops are used for information on wine, as it is a space where they are not overwhelmed by the number of bottle. That is why, our main goal in launching the e-shop is not to increase sales, but that to boost awareness of the brands, and implicitly, that of the Jidvei brand,” said Ana Necsulescu, Jidvei marketing manager.

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