Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) will keep on developing the infrastructure and the environment to reach its maximum potential so that Romania is promoted to the Emerging Market status as a consequence of these developments, said Adrian Tanase at the first press conference held as CEO of BVB.

“The main goal of my term is to make the stock exchange reach its maximum potential in terms of turnover, and this can come from three directions. The first direction comes from listings, meaning from the increase in the number of listed companies. To have increased turnover, we must have listed companies and that is why this process is very important. Without new companies going public, whatever we do, as a trading platform, we have limited potential. The second dimension refers to market access for investors: any investor, Romanian or foreign, should be able to trade on our stock market. If there is an investor who cannot trade, then this limits the trading potential. Any barrier to trading on BVB must disappear. The third dimension, very important, is the opportunity to trade “investment ideas”. We need a central counterparty clearing house (CCP), short-selling activity and the derivatives market. These are only a few examples that will contribute to the development of our stock market,” said Tanase.

“Promoting to the Emerging Market status will be a consequence of all these measures to increase turnover,” added Tanase.

BVB will continue to develop the relationship with entrepreneurs and the project “Made in Romania” is extremely relevant in this respect, according to the CEO.

Also, financial education projects will continue in simplified language to reach as many people as possible.

“It is important to increase financial literacy among population, and we need to simplify the message to retail investors. The population should be interested in the fact that the investment on the stock exchange may be as commonplace as a bank deposit if certain rules are respected, while also being aware that the money people accumulate from the day job can yield a higher return than a bank deposit,” concluded Tanase.

Tanase (43) graduated in 1998 from the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He has a professional experience of almost 20 years in the capital market, focusing on portfolio management. Prior to receiving the authorization from the local Financial Regulatory Authority on January 23, Tanase was chief investment officer at NN Pensii.

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