Accounting Services for Freelancers, Startups and SMEs

For personal or just starting out business, freelancer or startup, we are convinced that entrepreneurs need a accountantconsultant.
We offer accounting services bundled with tax consulting and planning solutions customized to the needs of freelancers and startups.

We believe that our accounting and consulting services provide added value, ensuring the safety of mandatory accounting reports, accuracy of finance and compliance of the entire accounting process of your business.

FINAND accounting services are covering aspects regarding:

– Organizing and keeping accounts and preparing accounting reports for freelancers / individual businesses / small and micro companies
– Assistance in the preparation of operational accounting reports to the manager(s)
– Accounting advice for setting accounting treatment applicable to specific transactions and connection with the associated tax treatment
– Chronological recording of accounting documents using specialized software
– Completing receipts and payments Register and inventory Register
– Assistance in the preparation of primary supporting documents
– Payment of all tax obligations
– Periodic accounting assistance to internal accountants for complex transactions