Tax Consulting

Whether you are an individual or a company representative, it is important to ensure that decisions with fiscal implications are managed by professionals.
For smart decisions, it is important to get information and expert opinions prepared by professionals.

FINAND offers professional services in tax consulting and planning covering all aspects of:

– Taxation of income earned by individuals: wages, freelancers, investments, rents, royalties
– Taxation of non-residents
– Taxation of corporate profits, profit tax
– Taxation of Micro entreprise
– Indirect taxes: VAT and excise duties
– Local taxes
– Fiscal representation
– Diagnostic analysis of the tax situation or of specific transactions
– Tax compliance
– Certifying th tax statements

FINAND solutions are private, confidential, personalized and dedicated to individuals, freelancers, startups, small and medium enterprises.

Contact a FINAND tax consultant to find out how we can help!