The Ambassador of the United States to Romania Hans Klemm stated on Tuesday in Zalau that predictability and stability are very important for Romania and hope that, once the new government is sworn in, Romania will enter a period of stability.  

Asked by journalists on his opinion on the changes affecting the Romanian government, Hans Klemm said the “situation was not ideal.”

“Predictability, stability and are very important for Romania and, equally, for its partners. I hope that now we will enter a period of stability,” the US diplomat said.

The US Ambassador stated that he does not have an opinion on the new government, because he is not familiar with the new PM and the members of the cabinet, because he has not yet met them.

“I haven’t had the chance to meet the Pm or someone from the cabinet. I wish them a great deal of success, which can bring peace, stability and prosperity to all Romanians. (…) To be honest, I must accept what the PM said yesterday, that she plans to implement the governing program of the coalition. I don’t know much yet about her priorities. I am waiting for the appropriate moment, to introduce myself to the PM. I wish them all the best,” Klemm said.


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