Tax evasion happening at Romanian boarders was voted, in the last Supreme Council of National Defense, as national security matter, according to Eugen Teodorovici, the minister of Finance. According to him, special scanners will be bought by the end of the year and every truck bringing merchandise in the country will be fully scanned. Also, the border point will be modernized according to the polish model.


“The government already approved two decisions and a third one will be approved soon, permitting te ministry of Finance to modernize and buy the scanners without following the bureaucracy of public acquisitions. We already talked to company selling these kind of scanners. Also, we asked the polish minister of Finance to send us their model of modernized border point. I will personally visit all border points to make sure things are in order. We hope to finish all acquisitions by the end of this year”, Teodorovici stated.

Romania has the longest non EU border and out of the 15 scanners bought in the past, none is working.  The situation is well known by authorities that promise measures and extra budget revenues of EUR 1 billion from stopping illegal trade.

Today, checks are made randomly or with the help of dogs, and takes a few hours.

The border points with Ukraine, Moldova, and Serbia will be the first modernized, according to the Finance minister.

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