Retailer Mega Image continues to get involve in the blood donation, through a new campaign, alongside the National Institute of Transfusion Hematology and the Bucharest Transfusions Center.

Mega Image introduced in 20 of its stores a new product, but this one is not for sale, its presence on the stores’ shelves having as objective the highlighting of some dangerous problems with which Romania confronts itself: the lack of blood donations.

Romania is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t have a culture of systematic blood donations, less than 1 percent of the Romanians donating blood regularly – the smallest number of donors in the European Union where the average is 10 percent.

The campaign “Produs imposibil de cumparat” (Product impossible to be bought) sees the blood as a product that has been brought on the supermarket’s shelves.

“There are things that just cannot be bought, from the store, even if there is a daily need for them. The campaign <<Product impossible to be bought>> attracts the attention over the big blood crisis in the Romanian hospitals and this thing cannot be resolved unless the people are encouraged to donate blood. We want to start in all Romanians the desire to become constant blood donors, in the help of their community,” said Adrian Nicolaescu, VP marketing, Mega Image Romania.

“We don’t know why Romanians don’t donate, for sure we need more donors. We appreciate Mega Image’s support because we know that from now we have a partner that can help us both in bringing this cause in the Romanians’ everyday life, but that is also supporting us when we need,” Doina Gosa, general director of the Bucharest Transfusion Center.

Moreover, Mega Image will give a sponsorship of EUR 66,000 towards the transfusion centers in Bucharest, Constanta and Ploiesti. The funds will be used for investments in new equipment.

“We wanted that Romanians would realize that blood is not found just like that on a store’s self, that is not waiting for us in hospitals in case we need it and that we must do something in order to resolve this problem: we must donate. It looks like a tetra pak, because we wanted to give it the shape of a familiar product. And then we took care of all the details: we named it after the blood groups, we wrote its elements and, of course, the product’s story and the centers where one can donate. All because when they keep the can in their hand, the Romanians know that the only product that they cannot buy is the most valuable one. Because it can save lives,” said Ioana Zamfir, group creative director McCann Bucharest.

Romanita Oprea

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