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We are the consulting office in financial management of the personal budget and startup, small and medium companies.

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Romanian economic environment is dynamic, and financial and tax legislation in Romania is in a continuous process of revision and amendments with immediate and direct impact on personal and business assets from Romania.

We analyze and organize the information, search for solutions, respond to specific questions on various financial and tax issues, we offer ongoing assistance for specific projects or transactions, we elaborate written opinions and inform you about latest relevant changes of laws with financial impact.

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do you want to know more about the taxes or finances of your budget or personal business?

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We use intensive the online communication, is more effective. We are directly connected 24/7 with FINAND consultants.

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consulting office  Personal Consultant
consulting office Personal Consultant

Private and customized solutions in tax consulting and accounting services for individuals, expatriates, persons with complex active and freelancers.

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consulting office Financial Management

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Financial solutions and services of financial&tax planning, tax consulting and accounting dedicated to entrepreneurs, individuals that are developing Startup business or managing small and medium enterprises.