The Government may give up on the minimum wage increase for employees with a minimum of 15 years of work and keep the increase to RON 2,350 per month only for employees with high education, according to a substantive note to the initial project. The measure may be adopted by the Government in Friday’s meeting.  

The Labor Minister Marius Budai declared recently that he expected the minimum wage increase to come into force on January 1.

“The minimum wage will have a discussion today during the visit to Brussels and will be debated and approved on Friday in the Government meeting, and then we will have the final form. What can I anticipate, I think it will come into force on 1 January,” said Budai.

The gross minimum wage was to increase, according to the initial project, to RON 2,080 per month, for all employees, except for the persons with higher education and those with at least 15 years of seniority, for whom the level of RON 2,350 per month.

On 24 October, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced that the minimum wage may be increased from 1 December. “We talked to the trade unions. We will see if it is appropriate from 1 December or 1 January,” the head of the Executive said.

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