Less than three quarters (72.4 percent) of Romanian households have access to home internet, most of them living in cities, according to official data.

Internet access is more common among households in the region Bucharest-Ilfov (8 out of 9 households have home internet access), followed by Vest and Nord-Vest (northern Transylvania).

The smallest rates are registered in Nord-Est (65.1 percent) and Sud-Est (65.2 percent).

82.1 percent of home internet connections are fixed broadband connections, followed by mobile broadband connections and narrowband connections.

Of the total number of Romanians aged 16 to 74, the proportion of those who have ever used internet was 78.8 percent, of which 89.7 percent in the last three months.

Of the current users, 75.5 percent use internet with daily or almost daily frequency, up 2.2 percentage points against the previous year (73.3 percent).

By region, the share of people who ever used the internet was 93.6 percent in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, which represents the highest percentage in the country, followed by Vest (88.3 percent) and Nord-Vest (83.9 percent).

Sud-Muntenia (71 percent) and Sud-Est (69.9 percent) are at the opposite end of the scale.

The share of people using internet decreases with age. In the 16-34 age group, 94.7 percent of people use internet, while only 53.8 percent of Romanians aged 55-74 years are using internet.

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