Bitdefender’s IT security software maker buys Dutch-based network security company RedSocks just one month after acquiring its Australian partner, eTech SMS. 

RedSocks – a startup founded in 2012 by Pepijn Janssen – the current company’s technical director – specializes in automating the detection of suspect network operations and the fight against cyber attacks.

The Dutch company provides real-time detection solutions for security breaches with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Technology and Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence.

The move is part of Bitdefender’s growth strategy through acquisitions and propels the Romanian company into the network security market and data analysis. Following the acquisition, the current RedSocks office and Dutch company team will become Bitdefender Netherlands.

In September, Bitdefender took over Australian partner, SMS eTech, as part of the global business expansion strategy. The decision came after Bitdefender took over from France’s partner Profil Technology in 2017 in charge of selling Romanian security solutions back in 2001.

RedSocks is the first acquisition of technology in 17 years of Bitdefender’s business, a company who controlls one third of the marketplace of solutions purchased in stores and protecting more than one million Hexagon business computers.

Also in the process of global expansion, Bitdefender has opened its own offices in Italy, Sweden and Canada over the last two years. Currently, Bitdefender provides complex threat protection solutions to around 500 million users in over 150 countries.

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