The Dental Office Managers Association (ADOM), the first institution in Romania to prepare and certify managers for dental clinics and clinics, decided to export this year its educational products outside Romania. The first training program in the management of the dental office abroad was held this month in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

”We have expanded internationally in response to the demand for such training programs that we have had over the last 5 years from doctors and owners of dental clinics in the Republic of Moldova. We could only take this step after a very thorough market analysis and an adaptation of the information and course structure to the specific needs of the clinics there. It was a two-year long process that brought us the expected results, ADOM courses being very well received by the dental clinic managers in the Republic of Moldova, ”says Oana Taban, president and member founder of the Dental Office Managers Association.

To date, ADOM has organized 13 editions of the Dental Office Managers in Romania, followed by the 14th edition of October, numerous clinic reorganization projects as well as two national Dental Office Management seminars in Timisoara and Iasi.

In 5 years of activity on the Romanian market, ADOM certified 475 dental clinic managers from our country, Moldova, Italy, France, Luxembourg and Ireland. These managers are now part of the Dental Office Managers community, an organization that provides support to solve the problems faced by the Romanian dental services market.

ADOM also provided support in the successful development of more than 38 medical startups and has led to the implementation of dozens of projects in clinics across the country, thus reinforcing its leadership position in the field of medical business education.

”ADOM has emerged from the desire to increase the level of dental services in Romania and to share the know-how accumulated by many specialists in the field in many years of experience. Those who decide to open up a dental business are mostly high-qualified doctors, but who feel the need to understand and manage the mix between the medical act and the interaction with the patient. ADOM offers them the information they can develop their own management system, often based on a dedicated Dental Office Manager, which can provide physicians with the ideal work environment and patients with access to a perfect medical act, ”says Erika Ionescu, vice president of ADOM.

Statistical data on oral health in Romania, provided by the INS, shows that in 2016 the number of dentists was 16,442 (5.7 percent more than in the previous year), and the number of the dentist’s population is 1,202 inhabitants compared to 1,277 inhabitants in the previous year.

The number of doctors in the rural area is still quite low, ie 2016 compared to 14,426 in rural areas. If Europeans go on average twice a year to the dentist, the Romanians go 3.6 times a year. The reasons for visiting the dentist are: routine check-ups or cleaning treatments (27 percent), routine treatment (31 percent) and emergency treatment (40 percent).

The reasons for not going to the dentist are: there were not enough serious problems (33 percent), the absence of natural teeth (16 percent), and the high cost of routine excerpts and treatment (15 percent). Children in the younger surveyed families said 77.8 percent said they were being washed at least twice a day (53.3% percent twice a day and 24.4 percent three times a day). For classes 5-8, the percentage was 70.4 percent. Ask about the frequency of visits to the dentist, 71.1 percent of children 1-4 and 67.6 percent of those aged 5-8 say they go to a doctor only when they experience dental problems.

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