Romanian Security Fair has come to the fifth edition, held at Romexpo between October 18 and 20. A total of 62 companies from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia are exhibiting the latest innovations and products in the field of security surveillance with integrated projects and technical solutions.

“This year’s edition brings together the partnership between RSF and Sicurezza – Milan, as well as the Adria Security Summit, the most important event in the area of ​​expo-conference in the field of security, organized in the former Yugoslav area. Through this partnership we promote each other’s events among our members and visitors, as well as enrich with country and region-specific experiences in the field of security technologies and solutions,” the organizers said in a presentation of the event.

One of these innovative security solutions is the Inferno alarm system. It’s an alarm that, unlike ordinary systems, has a barrier that cannot be ignored. According to developers, it not only warns the offender that it has been discovered but also has direct action on it by releasing the patented sound spectrum that cannot be sustained for more than a few seconds. Thus the offender will put his hands on his ears and seek the shortest way out of the protected area. Inferno alarms have a robust construction and cannot be damaged in an attempt to eliminate the source of unbearable sound.

In the area of ​​another exhibition stand are presented solutions and security systems for external perimeters exposed to risks. Thus, Optex brings a range of equipment to the RSF 2018, such as the Shield – VXS and BXS series. VXS models are recommended for early outdoor detection using PIR (passive infrared) technology and can detect the presence of infrared emitters in a radius of up to 12 meters with a coverage angle of 900 and a dividing into 16 areas. Also, HX series detectors provide volume detection over distances up to 12 meters, with a range of 850 and a possible division for 94 zones.

The RedScan series, using LiDAR technology, is able to detect the size, speed and distance of a moving body and the data is further processed using a unique algorithm that maximizes detection efficiency and reduces to the minimum the probability of false alarms.

Another type of security equipment is Seagate storage solutions optimized for surveillance. In fact, these are storage solutions from the SkyHawk series of discs that provide customers with a number of major benefits, including product versions with capacities ranging from 1TB to 14TB and over 10,000 hours of HD video storage. In addition, rotating vibration sensors (RVs) allow you to maintain a high level of performance in RAID or multi-drive systems, thus giving you the flexibility to develop your business in a NVR (Network video recorder) market continue to grow and scale existing surveillance systems when the situation asks for it.

Biosurveillance and thermovision

Ultravision presented the way it managed to install a security surveillance system at the water fountains in Unirii Square with detection areas and Biosurveillace. And Axis, one the most important producers of security cameras presented the 2018 star-camera, that captures thermos-images.

Visitors can also see the RoboCasa system, the chatbot launched in the ‘October – The Month of Housing Insurance’ campaign, the first to provide information on housing security and safety .

According to the organizers, the Romanian Association for Security Technique (ARTS), from October 18 to 20, companies from seven countries will present their offers on an area of ​​more than 2,500 square meters. Visitors are expected to see and test the latest and most advanced anti-burglary, access control, fire detection and fire detection systems, fire extinguishing systems, video surveillance, and mechanical and electromechanical security systems.

Among the leading companies in the industry that are displaying the current edition of the RSF 2018 are: Azitrend Distribution, Electra, Helios Security, Inferno Pro Security, Keba Automation, Onest Solutions, Optex Security, Seagate Technologies, Siel Invest, Xafer, Zucchetti and APPA.

Access to the exhibition stands is free of charge, every Thursday to Saturday, between 10:00 and 18:00, with the mention that visitors have to register on the event’s website,

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