The Deputies’ Chamber adopted two legislative projects to approve emergency ordinances related to the return of special auto taxes to Romanian taxpayers.

One of the projects aims to complete the 52/2017 OUG “in order to clarify certain aspects related to the procedure to return the taxes and avoid blockages in the process”.

The project provides solutions for two procedural exceptions: the lack of a document to prove the payment by the taxpayer, when the central fiscal agency will verify its existence in its database; the vehicle for which the payment was made was not registered by the payer, which means the taxpayer will not be required to annex the copies to the vehicle’s ID and the registration certificate.

Another provision relates to the deadlines before which the sums must be returned following final court decisions, both for taxes as well as for environmental stamps.

The OUG states that the special auto tax, the pollution tax, the tax on polluting emissions and the environmental stamp will be returned within 120 days from the date the request is submitted.

The second legislative project aims to regulate the administrative process to return, by request, of amounts representing the special tax for motor vehicles, the pollution tax for motor vehicles, the tax on polluting emissions of motor vehicles and the environmental stamp for motor vehicles, updated with the interest rate provided by Law 207/2015 regarding the Fiscal procedure code, calculated from the moment the tax was paid until the moment of the actual return.

The draft also proposes that the right to request the return should begin from the date the OUG comes into effect, regardless of the date the tax was paid, and that the return requests should be submitted by August 31, 2018, or risk forfeiture.

The Deputies’ Chamber was the decisional forum for both legislative projects, which means that they now await the approval of president Iohannis.

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