Justice minister Tudorel Toader has sent president Iohannis his recommendation that Adina Florea become the head of the anti-corruption agency (DNA), against the advice of the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM).

“Today I sent the President of Romania the following proposals for leadership roles: Adina Florea – chief prosecutor at DNA; Elena Georgiana Hosu – deputy chief prosecutor at DIICOT; Florena-Esther Sterschi – chief prosecutor at the Human Resources and Research Section of the PICCJ,” Toader wrote in a Facebook post earlier today.

Last week, the Prosecutors Section of the CSM issued a negative opinion on the proposal that Adina Florea take over DNA leaderhip. The CSM opinion is non-compulsory. Tudorel Toader said several times that he would send his proposal to the president regardless of the CSM’s opinion.

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