Two out of five Romanians prefer to contribute with money to a more consistent gift, bought by a larger group of people, while another 20 percent say they are open to such a possibility, according to a survey conducted by GiftShare, an online platform that proposes a solution to receive and give gifts that is unique to the Romanian market.

The lack of a sufficient budget for the gift they would like to buy, the lack of inspiration in choosing the right gift, or the lack of time to go shopping are the main reasons why respondents have difficulty buying a gift.

Thus, 56.5 percent of respondents said they did not always have the budget they would like to allocate for the gift, and almost 37 percent said they were not good at choosing a gift for the celebrated person. At the same time, when it comes to difficulties in choosing gifts, 21 percent say they do not have enough time to go shopping, 18.6 percent say they do not like to run after gifts and over 7 percent do not remember the special events of your loved ones.

For a single gift they plan to give to a family member or friend at a special occasion, 43 percent of respondents spend between RON 100 and RON 250, 36 percent between RON 50 and RON 100 lei and about 7 percent more less than RON 50.

However, over half of respondents (51.6 percent) admit that for college gifts or farther acquaintances, the gift budget drops to half or less, while another 22 percent spends 25 percent less on such of cases. If they had more money, six out of ten respondents are willing to offer more consistent gifts, according to the data of the GiftShare survey.

”Just because we know that people want to give more and therefore often prefer to raise money with other friends and family members so that the gift is more consistent, we created GiftShare. The online platform simplifies the whole process by which loved ones can share their gift budget and give the person you celebrate a simple way to choose your perfect gift, ”says Adina Carapencea, co-founder of GiftShare.

Most of the respondents (60.4 percent) buy up to three gifts each month for close people, while another 9 percent give more than three gifts, the rest saying they do not make gifts. Choosing and buying these presents takes time, and very few say they manage to buy them all in one shopping session.

On the contrary, eight out of ten respondents say they choose a single gift in a shopping session that can take up to two hours, while almost 15 percent of respondents say they need more than two hours to find the right gift . The malls, your favorite gift shop One in two Romanians often buy gifts from malls, 24 percent shop for gifts from online stores, and 20.4 percent – from street stores or from easy stores.

”GiftShare is also a useful tool for those who do not have the time to go after gifts through stores or do not know what to choose. All you have to do is visit the event page of the person you are celebrating, either from the link sent by it or directly on the platform, and donate the desired gift amount by a secured card payment. It takes only a few minutes to give the perfect gift, ”Carapencea explained.

The special occasions for which Romanians buy the most gifts in one year are birthdays (91 percent of respondents), Christmas (70.7 percent), children’s anniversaries (46 percent), Easter (38 percent), wedding (about 24 percent).

Almost 15 percent of respondents say they usually give it for no reason. When I choose a gift, most Romanians (53 percent) go on intuition, choosing one who thinks they would enjoy the person they would give him. Only 19 percent of Romanians go to the target after finding out from the person celebrated or from someone close to what they want or need.

About 14 percent opt for a practical gift even if they are not sure it will be useful to the one who will receive it. Besides them, some prefer to donate a sum of money that can be used anyway (7.6 percent) to buy what they find, the most important thing being to fit in the established budget (3.3 percent), or to buy a gift card, as the one who gets it to choose its own (3.1 percent), according to the GiftShare survey.

Most gifts are in the category of clothing and footwear (21.3 percent), beauty/beauty products (15.2 percent), jewelry and accessories (13.6 percent), household goods (10.4 percent) , books (6.3 percent), funny gifts (7.1 percent), electronic/gadgets (7.3 percent) or gift vouchers (10.9 percent). On average, 34.3 percent think that it is harder for the loved one to find the right gift, 25.2 percent choose the gifts for friends and 19.2 percent for the parents.

The GiftShare poll was conducted from 1 April to 1 May 2018 on a sample of 2,286 urban respondents.

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