According to data from the National Trade Registry Office (ONRC), there were 496,970 women who were shareholders or associates in Romanian companies – a 37.23 percent share of the total shareholders in the country.

In the 904,337 companies in Romania, 837,976 shareholders were men.

In terms of regions, the data showed that Tulcea County had the highest share of women shareholders, with 41,25 percent (of the 6,996 companies), while the lowest number of female shareholders was recorded in Harghita County, with 32.02 percent (of 10,028 companies).

According to the ONRC, there were 92,030 registrations of individuals and legal entities in the first eight months of 2018, a number 10.5 percent smaller than in the same period of last year, when there were 102,936 registrations.



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