Prime Minister Viorica Dancilă announced on Thursday that the auction for the Ploiesti-Brasov highway, to be built in a public-private partnership, will be launched on Monday, and within 30 days foreign and Romanian investors will be able to submit their offers. The type of auction used will be competitive selection, according to the Prime Minister.

“I am pleased to announce that, on Monday, the tender for the construction of the Ploiesti-Brasov highway will be launched in a public-private partnership, a long-awaited project, for which the Government has made efforts in recent months. Within 30 days, Romanian and foreign investors can submit offers and the tender will be competitive selection. Negotiations will be held with selected investors so that in December we estimate the signing of the public-private partnership agreement for the construction of this highway,” said Viorica Dancila, in a press statement, quoted by Mediafax.

She added that several government projects have been prepared lately. “We have prepared several government projects over the last few months, which have matured. Through these projects we will create more and better paid jobs and attract investment with high added value. The benefits are both economic and social, but also capable of consolidating Romania as an attractive destination for the business environment,” said Dancila.

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