The total amount of non-performing loans (NPL) in national currency of the population and companies, registered in July 2018, amounted to RON 5.038 billion, increasing by 1.13 percent compared to the amount reported in June 2018, while outstanding loans in foreign currency loans have decreased by 3.04 percent, to RON 3.266 billion (equivalent), according to a report by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

Total loans in national currency in July reached RON 159.26 billion (0.83 percent above the previous month’s value), out of which RON 65.13 billion were contracted by companies and RON 90.38 billion by the population.

Loans in foreign currency totaled RON 86.53 billion in July 2018 (0.61 percent less than June), out of which RON 44.51 billion were contracted by companies and RON 38.87 billion by the population.

Bucharest, at the end of July, had outstanding loans of RON 1.86 billion and in foreign currency of RON 1.35 billion. The total loans in RON contracted in the Capital City reached RON 56.9 billion and the foreign currency loans to RON 41.6 billion.

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