The Floria Group, with operations in online, retail, wholesale distribution and landscaping, posted a consolidated turnover of RON 12 million in the first six months of this year. The increase over the same period last year is 40 percent, driven by the growth of the local floristry market and expanding offline., the online division of the Floria Group, generates 30 percent of the total consolidated business and exceeded RON 3.5 million in the period.

“ is the segment with which the Floria story started 8 years ago and helped to develop the Group offline. For this year,’s goal is to strengthen its position on the market through sustainable strategic growth and customer loyalty through dedicated campaigns,” says Marina Popescu, general manager of

The offline segment accounts for 70 percent of the Floria Group’s consolidated business, and includes the warehouse operations, shops and events.

“The intense development of the Floria Group towards several offline directions has made us in three years to increase our turnover almost three times, and to become one of the most important florist groups in Romania and to keep our position the leader for on the online segment. On offline segments, the increases are high, because we are talking about relatively new divisions developed over the past 3 years that address the corporate area and the long-term development potential is considerable,” said Lacramioara Cristea, Floria Group operations manager.

Trends: mobile and diversity

The share of recorded mobile traffic on reached 65 percent of the total in the first six months of the year, compared to 60 percent in the same period of the previous year.

“Mobile development is a clear ecommerce trend, but online floral retail grew less rapidly than other domains. This year, however, we saw a very strong dynamic from the perspective of conversion rates on mobile devices, a sign that adoption took place slowly, but it was a good thing,” says Popescu.

As regards flower preferences, Floria Group maintains the inclination to bouquets containing various flowers and colors, created by experienced florists and following international stylistic trends.

“The share of bouquets made up of one flower variety has steadily decreased and now accounts for about one-third of all bouquets sold across the country through and retail shops. Bouquets with a variety of flowers and considerable volume are preferred, bouquets with a diameter of 25-30 cm being the most popular. Cryogenic roses and indoor plants also have an interesting dynamics, with an increased interest in them, especially in Bucharest,” says Popescu.

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