The share of ecological cars in total car sales in Romania reached 2.5 percent in the first seven months of the year, a significant increase over the same period in 2017, and their number amounted to 2,293 units, almost double the interval the data from the Association of Car Manufacturers and Importers of Automobiles (APIA).

According to statistics, out of the total sold in January-July, 1,754 units are hybrid plug-in cars (54.5 percent up on the first seven months of the previous year) and 485 are 100 percent electric and 3.2 times higher (+ 225.5 percent), at comparative level.

“This data obviously demonstrates the increasing interest of citizens and companies in this category of cars, which, being properly supported (including through the development of the loading infrastructure), will become more and more present in traffic, thus contributing , to reduce pollution in large cities,” APIA officials say.

In the analyzed range, the share of new passenger cars in total sales at national level was 2.5 percent, while in the same period in 2017, the share was 1.8 percent. In general, 2.293 green cars were sold in Romania in the first seven months of the year, up 99.8 percent over the same period in 2017 when 1,284 traded items were registered.

In July of this year, 387 electric and hybrid cars were marketed, down 19.3 percent, compared to the previous month, when 480 new cars were sold. According to APIA, Volkswagen ranked first among the most sold 100 percent electric cars in the period January – July, with 156 units, followed by BMW (90), Smart (73), Renault (51) , Mercedes Benz (28), Kia (20), Volvo (19), Porsche (14), Mitsubishi (12) and Audi (9).

At the same time, most of the hybrid cars sold in Romania during the reference period were recorded by Volkswagen (1,526 units), BMW (67), Smart and Renault (33), Mercedes Benz (32), Kia (20), Volvo (19) and Porsche (17).

APIA statistics show that last year the share of electric and hybrid cars in the total sales of new units reached 2.2 percent, their number reaching 2,811, up 136.7 percent over the previous year.

In mid-March this year, the Environment Ministry launched a new session of the Rabla Plus program, aimed at those who want to buy an ecological car.

The line ministry estimates that in 2018, Romanians will buy 2,000 electric cars through the “Rabla Plus” Program.

Access to the program is not conditional on the scrapping and scrapping of a used car, and the first offered under the “Classic Rabla” Program (of 6,500 lei) can be combined with the eco-labels provided by the Rabla Plus Program only if the applicant purchases either a new electric vehicle or a hybrid electric plug-in.

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