Today is the last day when prosecutors can submit to the Ministry of Justice their candidacy for the post of DNA chief prosecutor. The final list of those who meet the required criteria and the schedule of interviews is to be published on August 29.

Until now, only two prosecutors have entered the race for the DNA leadership role: Paula Tanase from Galati and military prosecutor Nicolae Lupulescu.

According to the timetable announced by the Ministry of Justice, the list of candidates fulfilling the legal conditions for participation in the selection and programming of interviews will be displayed at the ministry’s headquarters and will be published on its website on August 29, 2018, and the prosecutors participating in the selection will be interviewed between September 3 and 5 by minister Tudorel Toader, and on September 6 the results of the selection will be announced.

This is the second selection campaign launched by the Tudorel Toader institution for DNA leadership after the Justice Minister announced that none of the four candidates enrolled in the first round met the necessary conditions.

The four candidates enrolled for the post of chief prosecutor of DNA and dismissed by Tudorel Toader were Florentina Mirica, chief prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Department of DNA, Cristian Lazar, Deputy Chief Prosecutor at the Criminal Investigation Section General Prosecutor General Marius Iacob, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the DNA and Elena Grecu, Chief Prosecutor of the Central DNA Structure, at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the ConstanĊ£a Court of Appeal.

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