Liviu Dragnea, the president of Partidul Social Democrat (PSD) appeared last night at Antena 3  for the first time after the protests on August 10 on Victoriei Square to clarify his position on different matters. The most important message is that he will not change the Prime-minister, Viorica Dancila.

From the beginning Liviu Dragnea accused the big corporations that are financing the protests because they want to have activity in Romania but without paying the taxes imposed by the state. ”Some multinationals, some banks. They want to externalize the profit so they will not pay the taxes,” says Dragnea.

The second person he accused is the president of the country, Klaus Iohannis, ”the number one cyclist of Romania” as Dragnea described him.  He also said that Iohannis is the head of a movement determined to take him out. ”I had death threats. There was an attempt to kill me last year. Four foreigners came and stayed an Athenee Palace, they got close to me, but I was fine, I got away. They were payed by a very famous man around the world. Soros? I don’t think about him, but he thinks about me” said Dragnea, mentioning that they were paid by a famous man in the world, which is probably a reference to Soros.

During the protests on August 10 Liviu Dragnea says that he was in Neptun where he watched on Tv ”starting 7-8 in the evening” what happened. ”I did not get any information from the secret services, None. SRI gives the information in a flux to the president, to any other they give selectively”, says Dragnea.

”What I saw was a failed coup d’état. This is what they wanted, this is what they talked about on social media platforms. And it was there, live on tv. What Iohannis did with that message on Facebook was irresponsible, to discourage gendarmes that were acting according to the law and to incite to violence while that gendarme-girl was almost lynched…  Orban (the president of PNL – and others from PNL and USR started to enquire gendarmes but said nothing about the fact that the protesters wanted to set fire in the square. That they were organized as a paramilitary unit. This is what I saw, a coup d’état,” says Dragnea.

The head of PSD is convinced that the gendarmes acted legal and there was no disproportioned intervention. And that Iohannis and PNL like violence and this is the way theywant to impose their own government. And all the people in the Victoriei Square were brought by ”somebody”, while the diaspora thing was just a scam.

”If we want to suspend the president, we will suspend it. I would like to but I will see what Mr. Tariceanu wants,” says Dragnea.

Regarding the rumors that Viorica Dancila is about to be changed from her position and Eugen Teodorovici is one of the candidates for the job, the boss of PSD said that he has no intention to do that. ”This cabinet will not leave because Iohannis wants it”, said Dragnea, that also said she will be Prime-minister until 2020 because ”she is a very good prime-minister”.

But there will be talks about the activity of some ministers in the coming CEX (the party’s executive council). ”I am not happy with the activity of some ministers but the initiative will be held by the Prime-minister if it comes to it,” says Dragnea.

”There are 21 big projects, made in public-private partnership, of which 5 are already talked about and other 8 are approved by the Govern. In them, including the big hospital-city that is supposed to be made, will be included, in the board, world personalities with great experience in their field. However, Dragnea didn’t make any nominations of the ”big personalities”.

For the rest of 8 projects, the details are still to be laid down,” says Dragnea. He also said that all the big projects, like the motorways Pitesti-Sibiu or Brasov-Ploiesti, are blocked by some office clerks that are in the state institutions. ”This must change, that is way I asked Ms. Dancila to identify the obstacles for the projects; it is inadmissible to wait years for some papers and to see the project being sent from one institution to another”, says Dragnea.

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