The construction market in Iasi rallied in 2017 in the national development trend, amid the increase in consumption and confidence of the investors in the economy, as well as the increased demand from the final customers and helped the retailers’ sales.

Growth was mainly reported on the residential segment, where developers built about 3,000 new homes in Iasi and the surrounding areas – Miroslava, Poiana Lupului and Ciurea.

This increase has positively influenced Vitacom Electronics’ business in the region, and, in 2017, the company recorded a sales volume of approximately 8,500 traded products, over 50 percent of which were sold to the residential segment.

The product categories most requested by both the builders and the end customer come from connectivity, lighting, security, smart living and leisure. A huge demand was reported for surveillance cameras, over 1,000 units marketed last year.

Also, LED or halogen bulbs and FTP and UTP data cables have recorded sales above the average. As for seasonality, the increase in sales volume coincided with the construction season, excluding the months of October and November, when the new homes were put into use.

For the year 2018, Vitacom Electronics aims to increase at least 20 percent of volumes for the Iasi branch, and more than 10,000 articles and products sold. The company’s objective is for 50 percent of this volume to comprise products for the residential segment in line with the 2017 figures.

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