Britain will call for the European Union to increase sanctions on Russia and stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the US, which added to its sanctions against Moscow this month, Reuters reports.

UK’s foreign minister Jeremy Hunt will argue that Vladimir Putin has made the world a more dangerous place and that after a chemical weapons attack in Salisbury, England the EU should apply more pressure on Russia to make it stick to international rules.

Britain, the EU, and the United States blame Russia for a nerve agent attack against a Russian double agent in the English city of Salisbury earlier this year. The Kremlin denies involvement.

The US imposed new sanctions on Russia earlier this month citing the Salisbury incident and threatened to add more unless Russia gave “reliable assurances” it would no longer use chemical weapons.

The EU has not imposed sanctions related to Salisbury. Although the UK is leaving the EU next year, its sanctions policy is still being determined in Brussels.

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