Laurenţiu Cazan, the coordinator of the gendarmes’ action on August 10th protest, said that the owner of the car from which violent protesters took bottles of ”molotov” cocktails was identified and that research is currently under way.

“I was always informed by the commander acting on that area that they were being attacked with incendiary bottles. At some point in the field, I was informed that there is a car in the Mihalache area where my flocks were seen to be removed from these bottles,” said Major Laurentiu Cazan, deputy of the Gendarmerie General Public Service on Antena3 TV.

He was asked if they identified who the car belong to and he replied that they have, not revealing the identity of the owner.

“During the restoration of public order, you saw that our mode of action was directed mainly to the Titulescu – Buzeşti area. There I also had the main problems with that barricade, those fires. (…) In the Ion Mihalache area, I tell you when our colleagues worked to remove the turbulent people, a car, a car with incandescent bottles, was seen, and I saw them simply when they were supplying from that car to act,” said Laurenţiu Cazan on an appearance at TVR1.

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