The ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies is led by Bitcoin as of August 17, according to

Bitcoin’s market capitalization stood at USD 110.8 billion at a price of USD 6,441 per BTC.

Second is Ethereum with a market cap of USD 30.3 billion. The price per ETH stood at USD 299.69.

Ripple comes third with a market cap of USD 11.7 billion. The price per XRP is USD 0.29.

Next there is Bitcoin Cash with a market cap of USD 9.2 billion. The price per BCH was USD 536.61.

In the case of EOS, the market cap amounted to USD 4.3 billion. The price per one EOS was USD 4.78.

The market cap of Stellar stood at USD 4.14 billion. The price for one XLM was USD 0.22.

Litecoin is next with a market cap of USD 3.28 billion. The price for one LTC was USD 56.82.

Tether is next with a market cap of USD 2.67 billion and a price of USD 1 for one coin.

Cardano had a market cap of USD 2.56 billion and a price per ADA of USD 0.09.

Monero was tenth with a market cap of USD 1.54 billion. The price per one XMR stood at USD 94.95.

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