After several wagons of a freight train fell from a viaduct that broke apart, in the town of Carcea in Dolj county, the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR) said that of the 4,250 bridges on the Romanian National Roads network, only 37 are in technical class 5, and most of them are located on secondary roads, taken in the past by local authorities. Also, 680 bridges are in technical class 4.

None of these bridges presents imminent collapse risk because they are permanently monitored and where the worsening of the situation is noted, the measure of the closure and deviation of traffic on other routes is also shown, according to CNAIR.

The norms in force established that bridges revision is done at intervals of six months, or sooner, if the situation requires.

”To avoid confusion, we have to say that the interval for periodic maintenance works ranges from 10 to 15 years and the interval for capital rehabilitation or repair is 35-50 years, depending on the technical evaluations”, informs CNAIR who gives as an example the Maracineni Bridge, rehabilitated after the floods in 2005, which was repaired this year as part of a regular maintenance program rather than a rehabilitation program.

”It should be noted that including the fact that no expertise was needed for long periods of time demonstrates that the situation of the bridges in Romania is not in a serious situation and the problems that can arise can be kept under control by current repair activities, ” the company said.

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