The Spanish think tank Elcano Royal Institute created a top of strongest nation on Earth, calculating an aggregate index that measures more parameters – economic, military and soft presence, including cultural, tourist, sports and scientific. According to the 2018 report, the United States continues to lead the world’s most powerful countries, but  the second place belongs to the Chinese.

Romania ranks 49th in the world and 18 in Europe, according to the report. The United States is at the top of the list with a value index of the global presence of 2,494 points. China, ranked second, is still far away as 841 points. Then come Britain (637 points), Germany (619) and France (532).

Japan, Russia, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain follow France in the ranking. However, positions 10 to 20 include a few emerging countries and, in particular, Asian countries such as South Korea (12), India (13) and Singapore (17).

There is only one Latin American country among the 20 countries with the largest global presence, namely Brazil (19th in the ranking of the global presence), the largest country in the region geographically, economically and demographically.  

Top ten, most powerful nations

USA: The Americas run the world since the Second World War. USA have the most powerful economy and the s strongest army, even if in the last years the global presence of the Americans was diminished.

China: The most populated country in the world, China continues to expand its sphere of influence worldwide, doubling its economic and military power. Although it has areas far below the US (energy security, technology, foreign affairs), there are analysts who estimate that around 2030 it could become a world leader.   

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has long been a world superpower, controlling its colonies which covered nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface. Placed among the top seven economies of the world by GDP, Great Britain lost as a result of Brexit, although it is the sixth state by the size of military spending.

Germany: It is known for the strong economy, but also with advances in technology and research and development spending. The German state also has a strong military presence. Along with China, the Germans are the world’s largest exporters. 

France: A nation strongly involved in international affairs. Although France is in a rather low position in the field of energy security, the president Macron seem to know how to strengthen its negotiating position, and his friendships with world leaders as well as the permanent membership of the UN Security Council are improving France’s position in diplomacy world.

Japan: strong economy of the country, the sixth place in the world, is in a visible loss of speed. It is helped by the automotive industry as well as by the high tech sector. Japan allocates the fifth budget that the size of defense spending and defense, despite its neutrality. 

Russia: Russia’s largest country in terms of size and occupies second place in the world in terms of military capacity. Its vast energy resources allow it to exert a consistent international influence.

Canada: A generally neutral nation, Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia. It has close trade and cultural ties with the United States. The richness of natural resources and the high standards of life give it a strong position in terms of global influence. Canada has the 11th largest GDP in the world.

Netherlands: The world’s second largest exporter of food and agriculture after the United States. The country has a strong economy and is the sixth largest economy in the European Union. 

Italy: With a reach history, the country manage to maintain in the first three economies of EU, but it has fiscal and debt problems, and, more than that, is one of the most important targets for North-African emmigrants.

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