Several Liberal MPs want to establish a National Day of Craft on November 25 as a measure to promote vocational and technical education.

”The reasons for the recent increase in professional education are very clear: the growth of the economy needs well-trained human resources, as well as the opening of Romania to the European market requires very well-trained people from the professional point of view.The facilities offered to students (scholarship, internship and transport remittance) and companies investing in this type of education are also an impetus ”, said Raluca Turcan and Florica Cheres, two of the initiators.

They recall that there are currently 1,195 vocational and technical education institutions that are spread unevenly across the country. In this sense, the liberals give the example of the northeastern region, where there are 242 institutions, and in Bucharest-Ilfov only 68.

”Through this bill we want to offer a national framework that offers the opportunity to promote vocational and technical education. Thus, November 25th will be declared the National Day of Crafts. In 1864, Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza promulgated the Law on the instruction of the United Romanian Principalities, which was the first to state the vocational education, ” according to the cited document.

The draft law is supported by PNL, USR and PMP lawmakers and has been submitted to the Senate as the first Chamber to be notified.

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