The first PSD (Social Democrat Party) that asks the resign of the Liviu Dragnea from the leadership of the party is Ecaterina Andronescu, senator and one of the oldest party members. She published an open letter in which she criticizes the way Liviu Dragnea forms the Govern and that the party will lose the power and will end up in turmoil.

The letter from Ecaterina Andronescu:

”The urgency and drama of these hot days of August, when we are already in the 12th hour and when we can still do something to save ourselves as a country and as a party from a major disaster, to which we aim vertiginously, as a loyal member the PSD, as a teacher and as a citizen of Romania I make a very responsible appeal to all our fellow decision-makers at this moment of PSD, to all those who once occupied such positions in the PSD and to the current PSD President Mr. Liviu Dragnea “not to set fire” to the country and the PSD.

What is happening at the moment in the PSD and in the country is not right, but it went on and it got too far, and we, the PSD, as a governing party, like it or not, will have to settle all the bills of this critical situation.

We can not hide our responsibility and blame others.

We have been voted to govern, not to complain and to blame others, and we have an obligation to the country and to all PSD members to be a responsible party and not let them down.

Dear colleagues from PSD, please be objective and realistic. It is not by chance that we have come to this situation. Since this party, we had the most professional governments, and in their membership were the best experts and professionals in the country.

The party had and has very high quality human resources and true specialists, but unfortunately the composition of the current government is not the PSD’s expression and does not represent the level and capacity of our party’s professionals.

Can this government compare to the previous PSD governments? Can this government be compared with the governments of Văcăroiu, Năstase or Ponta? No, by no means. This government does not represent me, neither you, dear colleagues, neither the PSD nor Romania. This government is the expression of one person, which is not right.

At this moment, we give free reasons and opportunities to the opposition and our political opponents to attack us, and, what is even more painful, we give solid reasons to the people to ally with our political opponents and stand up against us.

It is time to wake up and take seriously the major responsibility that the people entrusted us with: GOVERNING THE COUNTRY. But in order to achieve this goal, we in PSD must urgently do two things:

  1. Let’s come in a short time with a prime minister and PSD super-professional government and govern the country. The party has enough specialists for such a government.
  2. For the sake of Romania and for the sake of the PSD, the party chairman must take a step backwards, show responsibility and maturity, and make an act of great courage and political dignity and withdraw from the head of the party. The reasons are enough, we all know them and I will not expose them now.

If things are not going to happen now, urgently, we will lose government, and we as a party will go to disaster, and instead of a PSD government of professionals that we may have, we will wake up again with an amateur government, as we have before, and the country, in Centenary Year, will go to the abyss, to our despair and the joy of many who will not strengthen us, united and strengthened in the service of Romania.

Dear colleagues of good faith, well-intentioned PSD colleagues, responsible and lovers of country and nation, NOW is our test of maturity!

We have the duty to leave to the children and children of our children a beautiful, prosperous, secure, democratic and powerful country.

God bless Romania!

With all consideration,

Ecaterina Andronescu “

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