In the summer season, the theft of mobile phone is at the highest rate and, apart from the value of the device, the victims claim that photos and videos taken on vacation are the most important. Unfortunately, 28 percent of the victims said in a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab that they have no way to recover the files. According to the study, 4 percent of Android phone users are losing their phones or are victims of a theft. 

On average 23,000 Android devices are reported lost or stolen each month. As travel photos are evaluated by users as the most important data stored on their devices, Kaspersky Lab recommends them to adequately protect their devices. Otherwise, their photos may be permanently lost.

Another study conducted by Kaspersky Lab showed that on average 4 percent of people around the world lost a device or stolen one. In the case of more than half of the users (57 percent), the device in question was an Android, in 29 percent of cases it was a laptop and in 21 percent of cases an Apple iPhone. On average, replacing a lost or stolen device will cost USD 485.

Modern users have simple and effective anti-theft tools that can activate the device’s alarm if it loses, block and locate the device remotely or even take a photo of the guilty if the device has been stolen. However, despite the well-known risks and availability of these security options, the Kaspersky Lab study shows that only 22 percent of users are currently using an anti-theft function to protect their devices.

“These figures show how many devices disappear every day, and the 23,000 Android devices we have data about are just those that have Kaspersky Lab Anti-Theft on! During this summer time, it is more important than ever to use various ways to protect mobile devices. Anti-theft features are simple and easy to access, so our advice to all users is to actively protect the personal devices to enjoy a safe, relaxed summer,” said Dmitry Aleshin, vice president, Product Marketing at Kaspersky Lab.

Anti-Theft feature provided by Kaspersky Internet Security for Android prevents unauthorized people from accessing user data for lost or stolen devices. Users can lock and locate a remote device if it is lost, turn on the device even if the sound is switched to silent mode and more.

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