Hundreds of Romanians are protesting for the third day in a row in Victoriei square of Bucharest, in front of the government building.

Close to 7:00 PM, around 500 people were protesting in Victoriei Square.

On Friday, around 100,000 people came in Victoriei Square and called for the resignation of the PSD-led government.

Romanians from abroad were also among the protesters. This was set to be the biggest rally of Romanians from abroad.

But violent clashes occurred between gendarmes and protesters, especially after authorities issued an order for the clearance of Victoriei Square after 11.00 PM.

Close to 450 people received medical care during Friday’s protest. Several gendarmes were also injured.

Last night, almost 100,000 people protested peacefully in front of the government building, in the second day of an anti-government rally.

Another protest also took place in Cluj Napoca counting 3,000 participants and a similar figure was recorded at a rallies in Iasi and Timisoara. Some 7,000 people were protesting in Sibiu.

Several thousands have also protested in Brasov, Constanta, Galati, Piatra Neamt and Oradea.

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