The Finance Minister, Eugen Teodorovici, criticise on Facebook the hooliganism that overshadowed the Friday Diaspora protests, even if part of violence it is is to be attributed to Gendarmerie, which managed badly the events and stands acussed that atacked innocent people with gases and physical violence.

”Unfortunately, I see in these days how the legitimate approach of some of our fellow men to express, even through street protests, opinions and beliefs, is overshadowed by incalculable, hooliganism, force, hate, of specimens with human faces, always ready to muddy the actions of the citizens of this country, ”writes the minister.

Eugen Teodorovich said, as well, quoting Mark Twain, that ”the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the one where you find out why”.

”That’s why, for me, this day is worth the whole year gone by and maybe even more. It was a year of success, but also of many challenges. I wish that all that I have begun I can accomplish. I wish that, in another year, I can see a Romanian nation changed for the better, I sincerely wish that those who have left home their children going to look for a place on other lands, can find in the year come, the motivation to return home, I wish Romania to be no more equal to the other European states only when we talk about obligations and I want to believe that the new year which, for me, starts today, is a year of true national reconciliation, ” Teodorovici stated.

At the end, the Finance Minister, paraphrasing Octavian Paler, said that ”he dares to say that for all those who feel Romanian, no matter where in the world we are, Romania remains our homeland, the rest are just countries”.

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