After the Friday violences, the first protesters began gathering in Victory Square as early as Saturday morning, but their number began to rise after 18.00, eventually reaching around 50,000 people. In the area of ​​Victory Square, there were fewer gendarmes, equipped less threatening than the previous day, with SMURD policemen and crews being present.

Among the protesters were also many parents who came with young children, some in the carts themselves. Many of the participants in the protest were endowed with tricolor flags, as well as the USA, Great Britain, Scotland, Canada, Belgium and Spain.

Market people have lit up their mobile phone flashlights several times, people sit on the street, the National Anthem sounded, and a message was called up on the facade of Victoria Palace asking for the Government’s resignation. Protesters chanted PSD – Red Plague, Demise, Down Government and Romania, Wake up.

Saturday protests. Photo: Ella Moroiu

After 22:30, several groups of people began to withdraw from the market, the number of those remaining gradually declining until after midnight. Unlike Friday’s protest, incidents were far less numerous and less severe.

The Gendarmerie announced that a knife was found on a young man, being led to the police station for further checks. Another man who behaved violently with the police forces, unhappy with the protective measures and delimitation of the protest space, was taken to the police station and sanctioned with a fine of RON 500.

The gendarmes immobilized and led to the station a young man who tried to force a fence.

On the other hand, two people were transported to Elias Hospital, but without any aggression, informed ISU Bucharest-Ilfov. There were managed 12 emergency situations, with two people being transported to the hospital, to Elias, both without being aggrieved. 

Last few hundreds protesters remain untill around 1.00 o’clock but most of them left the area around 23.30. 

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