In a fresh statement by Romanian Presidency, president Klaus Iohannis called the Dancila government “irrational” and criticised it for “acting against its citizens’ interests.” The Romanian head of state also called on Social Democratic Party (PSD) members “to get rid of this harmful leadership that leads the country towards chaos and disorder.”

In the statement, Klaus Iohannis asked Minister of Internal Affairs (MAI) Carmen Dan to take responsibility for managing the situation and called on the members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to distance themselves from “the toxic leadership leading the country towards chaos and disorder.”

According to the press release issued by the Presidential Administration, Klaus Iohannis “strongly condemns acts of violence, regardless of who commits them and against whom they are directed.”

“Under no circumstances can there be justification for savagely hitting another person, and those who are guilty of such excessively brutal behaviors must be severely punished. Romanians have demonstrated in recent years that they have civic sense and have protested peacefully for defending democracy and supporting the rule of law,” the press release reads.

According to the Romanian head of state, Friday’s massive protest was announced weeks ago, “so there was enough time for the specialized structures of the Interior Ministry to prepare the deployment and action of the police force from an operational point of view.”

Gendarmes must put citizens first

“At the same time, a great deal of public information were pointing towards the preparation of provocations, marked by street violence, by people or organized groups. It is inexplicable why the Gendarmerie did not isolate and detain the groups of individuals with hooligan and violent attitude, allowing them to disrupt the protest with the most dramatic consequences. The gendarmes know very well that violence generates more violence, and once triggered such a spiral is almost impossible to control or stop, Iohannis said. “The gendarmes must have a defensive, not offensive attitude, their fundamental mission is to protect the state institutions, the constitutional order, but first the citizens, including those who protest in a very large number, mostly peacefully, “the president said.

The head of state appealed to all law enforcement agencies to follow strict procedures in the future and not to endanger the lives of citizens.

“The state institutions, including the Gendarmerie, have sufficient resources and experience to isolate aggressive elements, so events such as last night will not be repeated in the future,” Iohannis said.

President Klaus Iohannis also urged Interior Minister Carmen Dan to take responsibility for how he handled the situation during the protests and to provide a detailed report on how the law enforcement officers acted, and especially on whose order. “Unfortunately, it turns out again that this Government is irrational and acts against the interests of its own citizens and I call on PSD members who do not want to be partakers, to get rid of this harmful leadership that leads the country towards chaos and disorder”, the presidential administration commented.

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