Protesters gathered yesterday evening in the Romanian capital’s Victoriei Square, in front of the government building, to protest the government led by the PSD-ALDE coalition. The protest was organized for members of the Romanian diaspora, many of whom traveled back to the country specifically to join the movement, which had been planned on social media starting several weeks ago. It is estimated that around 100,000 people protested in Victoriei Square last night. About 50,000 others protested in smaller cities throughout the country.

After the forced evacuation, tear gas still thrown


People running during the forced evacuation. Source: Catalin Georgescu


Gendarmes on horses blocked the entrance in Victoriei Square


At 21.00 people turned on their phone flashlight, the only peaceful moment of the evening. Source: Catalin Georgescu


Man fainted from tear gas. Source: Catalin Georgescu


Desolated image of what the violent clash left behind. Source: Catalin Georgescu


Gendarme shooting randomly at crowd tear gas gun


Gendarmes spraying tear gas at protesters


A peaceful moment at 21.00


Water cannon blocking the entrance in Victoriei Square


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