Several hundreds of people were protesting in front of the Government building, on Friday afternoon, in the early hours of what is expected to be the biggest rally of Romanians from the Diaspora. Dozens of people were also rallied in Universitatii Square and they were set to travel to Victoriei Square to meet the others.

The protestors are calling for the resignation of the PSD-ALDE government led by Viorica Dancila. They also want snap elections and tougher jail sentences for corrupt officials. Romanians working and living in Western Europe, Canada and the US are among the people that arrived in Bucharest to make their voices hear.

“Justice, not corruption” and “You are a party of thieves, corrupt and mafioso”, shouted the people rallied in front of the government.

People organized themselves on Facebook to get to the protest. One group of protesters traveled by car from the UK and stopped in some of the largest Romanian cities on road to Bucharest. Protests are also scheduled in large European cities where there are big communities of Romanians.

One million people are expected to attend the protest, according to various announcements posted on Facebook. It’s unclear if this figure will be reached.

Video of people gathered in Victoriei Square. All video rights belong to journalist Claudia Pirvoiu.


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