The Ministry of Public Finance will organize training courses for economic agents wishing to access state aid in the coming weeks, through the School of Public Finance and Customs (SFPV).

Those interested must complete a form, and the participants will be scheduled in the order of the request, and the SFPV will communicate the date and time of the training. If some business operators ask to attend a second session, they will be scheduled after those who are at the first request, within the limits of the available places.

Each economic operator will be able to send up to two representatives, either two persons from the applicant company or one from the firm and the other from a consultant.

The training sessions will be supported by representatives of the State Aid General Directorate who will present the provisions of H.G. no. 807/2014, the Applicant’s Guide – Revision 2, and the Payment Guide – Revision 2. In addition, some general issues will be discussed, for example.

”We would like to point out that the investment projects will not be analyzed and their eligibility will not be determined. The eligibility of an investment project can only be determined after the application for financing agreement has been submitted, together with the supporting documents, in accordance with the legal provisions, and only after the completion of the analysis process, ” the ministry representatives pointed out.

Tthe Ministry of Public Finance has modified and completed the H.G. No 807/1414 for the establishment of State aid schemes aimed at stimulating investments with a major impact on the economy. The main changes are to lower the minimum investment level from EUR 10 million to EUR 3 million, to modify the funding application mechanism, to be submitted in a continuous session, to abandon the selection of projects based on score, being select those projects that meet the eligibility criteria and conditions, simplify the investment plan for the project and start the investment project after submitting the application for financing agreement.

The objective of the State aid scheme is the regional development by supporting the realization of large investments, with important effects in the economy, oriented towards the top sectors of activity.

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