Junior & Family Dental Center, part of a group of companies run by the entrepreneur Dan Draghici, continues expanding on the local market with a new clinic in Bucharest. The total investment value was around EUR 300,000.

Junior & Family started in 2013 in Iasi as a clinic dedicated to children, extending dental services subsequently to adults. Later on, the development of the clinic chain started, which now counts three working points – two in Iasi and one in Bucharest.

All units are provided with play areas and provide psychological counseling services to the dentist’s phobia.

At Junior & Family clinics, about 2,500 patients were treated this year, with about 14,000 honored appointments. Estimate for Bucharest by the end of the year are 800 patients.

For the current year, the representatives of the Junior & Family Dental Center estimate an income of EUE 600,000 at the chain level, respectively EUR 200,000 in Bucharest. For the future, the company aims to opening new clinics in cities such as Cluj-Napoca or Timisoara.

”We have entered the Bucharest market, the most competitive locally, with the confidence that we will carry on what we have done in Iasi – top quality dental services. Having access to the joint resources of our group of companies, especially those of the dental laboratory, we can offer qualitative services with a low execution time at a competitive price, ”says Dan Draghici, founder of the Junior & Family Dental Center.

The Junior & Family team in Bucharest is coordinated by Mircea Smarandoiu, with competence in oral implantology. The clinic services start from general dentistry, implantology, dental prosthesis, temporary dentition, orthodontics, to psychological counseling for children and adults in case of dentist’s phobia.

The clinic is supported by Draghici Dental laboratory for all the necessary dental work with a 70 technicians a team who serves approximately 400 doctors from 10 counties of the country and Bucharest.

Prior to launch in entrepreneurship, Dan Draghici worked for 15 years in two large companies, the last post occupied being Area Sales Manager for six Moldovan counties within Rompetrol. 11 years ago he founded the Draghici Dental. 

Another business own by Draghici is Safra Dental Club, focused on the import and distribution of dental implants, dental technology, and specialized courses.

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