OLX, the largest ad site in Romania, has published the list of the most expensive and unusual ads on the platform in the categories: “Electronics and Household Appliances”, “Fashion and Beauty”, “House and Garden”, “Mother and Child” “Sports, leisure, art”.

In the “Electronics and home appliances” category, there are over 800,000 active offers available per month. From the objects that can help you get your music studio up to the oldest, yet functional phones, here are the most common ads you can get on the OLX platform in the “Electronics and home appliances” :

  • 3D scanner or how to design yourself a human bust or an alloy wheel – RON 40,500
  • Mobile phone SIMONSEN – Norway, functional – RON 6,900;
  • Mixer studio – RON 31,000;
  • Nikon lens – RON 60,000.

At the same time, in the “Fashion and Beauty” category, more than 110,000 ads have found their place and are available for new owners. Below are some “out of the box” ads in this section:

  • Adidas Original NMD Chanel X Pharrell-Williams – RON 4,400;
  • Natural fur coat – RON 22,600;
  • Wedding dress – RON 23,000 lei;
  • Audemars Piguet Royal watch – RON 117.900;
  • Engagement ring -RON 51,000.

In the “House and Garden” category, things are not much different. Every month, over 360,000 ads are in the category. The most expensive products at this moment are:

  • Ancient vase – RON 346,722;
  • Wooden houses – RON 22,000;
  • Office furniture made of solid wood – RON 46,000;
  • Outdoor SPA pool – RON 58.990.

The Mother and Child category has over 260,000 active ads each month, all of which are ready to find new owners. The most expensive and unusual ads are:

  • Inflatable mattress – RON 4,620 lei;
  • LEGO Millenium Falcon – RON 3,700 lei;
  • Machine circuit – RON 3,600.

In the “Sports, leisure, art” category, the product list is even larger and the number of active ads each month exceeds 450,000. Thus, users can choose from a long list of objects, perfect for what they need.

  • Presostatic balloon for the football field – RON 70,000;
  • Stamp collection – RON 500,000;
  • Vintage car – RON 160,000 lei;
  • Handmade woolen carpet with Ceausescu’s portraits – RON 200,000;
  • Piano for over 150 years – RON 92,494.

OLX Romania, part of the OLX Group, is the leader of the local general ad market, with over 4 million active ads and a monthly average of over 9 million visitors.

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